Interpretation and translation services in Laos

Currently, due to the needs of the open economic market and the trade between multinational companies that the need for interpretation and translation in the host country is essential for a number of reasons:

Firstly, when understanding a language, culture and law of the host country, it will create safety and steady growth in orienting development and building a legal framework for businesses.

Secondly, when businesses, partners have a well understanding in communicating with local people and native authorities (interpreting) as well as writing reports and announcements in the local language which correct in style and semantics ( translation) – it will be an important bridge to help you learn about the locality as well as create a friendly harmony that makes business work and business trips of yours much more convenient.

Understanding that need and the importance of translation and interpretation services, Hung Heuang Travel and Service Translation Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Hung Heuang Company) was established to help our business partners have more assistance to support with translation and interpretation work to save time as well as human resources for your business.

Our Hung Heuang company is a famous brand in the field of translation and interpretation in Laos for many years. With the working criteria: Best quality – Most competitive price -Fastest speed and Absolutely secure, Hung Heuang Company during the past time has satisfied all demanding customers with strict requirements on efficiency, time and quality of large projects in Laos.


Interpreter of the meeting between the Government Inspectorate of the Lao PDR and Vietnam

In the field of translation, a specialty of intellectual products that are difficult to put into words and at various levels. Hung Heuang has translated many different languages: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese… into Lao and vice versa. In any situations, Hung Heuang Company always impart accurately and appropriately the content of each document to meet the requirements of individuals and agencies with high professionalism and always guarantee the given period. Hung Heuang is rated by customers as the best translation quality in Laos today.

To be able to do that, Hung Heuang always has a team of staff who are fluent in their mother tongue – Lao language and a network of professional collaborators who are professors, doctors, lecturers in universities and state agencies of Laos. , foreign experts with high competence and expertise. They are enthusiastic people and always want to perform work with the highest quality and efficiency. With the above staff and collaborators, Hung Heuang always meets large translation contracts that require the best quality and fastest completion time.


Translating the Sakai gold – mine project at the Ministry of Energy and Mines

In the field of interpretation, Hung Heuang can provide interpreters for business negotiations between partners, seminars – conferences (Consecutive Interpreting or Simultaneous Interpreting) and tour guides with various languages such as English. , France, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam… for all individuals as well as companies and organizations from different countries. With the strength of Laos as the mother – tongue language, the acknowledgement of the local culture as well as  well-trained people in interpreting skills, tour guides, interpreters, tour guides of Hung Heuang always meet your demands in a fastest way with the suitable price, ensuring the correct translation and cultural semantics of the native people. Interpreters of Hung Heuang will satisfy customers during business trips, important visits.

Hung Heuang Service and Travel Translation Co., Ltd

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