Translation profession career opportunities

With many years of experience in the translation profession in general, the translators and interpreters of Hung Heuang Travel and Service Company team will show our readers the awesome opportunities of translation profession.

1. Opportunity to widen your knowledge range

Language is considered an important quintessence of cultures. Understanding and using a language well means that you discovered a new culture. Translator – interpreters can learn about many fields of the country that interest them. Besides, doing this job, you can also travel to many places, contact with many people from many countries and work in different fields. This is a superb opportunity for you to obtain a lot of knowledge and experience.

2. Expand the relationship without “limit”

The word “unlimited” may seem ridiculous but in reality, you will be able to travel to many places, even many countries. Translators are usually working in wholesome environments. Besides meeting and getting to know many people working in many fields. You also have a chance to meet successful and famous people. Thanks to that, your relationships are also expanded. They can be friends, associates, partners, even people who help your work develop in the future. If you are a diplomatic interpreter, you will meet and work with the top figures of government. Depending on your interpersonal skills as well as your “fate”, you will have new relationships that increase over time during your practice.

3. Translation profession job opportunities

In the globalize trend of countries around the world, almost all countries, including Vietnam, also promote cooperation relations, join international integration organizations … Therefore, career opportunities in translation profession have been expanded in terms of both quantity and quality.

Working in the translation profession, the more experience you have, the further you will go. Interpreters can have a long-term commitment to the job in many ways. When the age limit is reached, cannot attend conferences or move around many places. You can switch to a permanent job such as translating movies, books, documents … You can work as a translator at international organizations, travel agencies, television stations, publishers, companies or multinational corporations, notarized translation offices … You can also be in charge of foreign affairs at the ministries directly under the central government.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is seen as a great place for human resources. The people who work as translators – interpreters here are highly qualified and professional. In addition, you can easily find a job through advertising, social networks, online recruitment channels …  The well-paid salary of interpreters is about 500 – 700 USD / month. Moreover, translator and interpreter in seminars and conferences could be paid about 200 – 500 USD / day. This salary is relatively high compared to the current general income of Laos. However, translation is also a profession with great competitiveness and rejection. because today, everyone is aware of cultivating foreign languages. Therefore, you should always improve your foreign language and social experiences for yourself.

4. Promotion opportunities

The competitiveness and elimination make this job always in a state of demand more than supply and shortage of human resources. Not only job opportunities, but also the career of translators – interpreters will have many clear promotion opportunities. You can start from the normal compiler or interpreter position. During the process, you will have the opportunity to travel to many countries and meet people. Consequently, it is possible to improve your performance, expand knowledge and relationships. After that, you absolutely can advance to become a manager or a diplomat … However, promotion opportunities only come to capable people. In addition, it is the striving to continuously develop at work. Although the job is open, but in order to be competitive and not be eliminated in the profession, you must practice foreign languages ​​and solid professional knowledge. Besides, it is necessary to constantly learn skills and improve experiences.

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Hopefully, with these useful information contained in this article by the Hung Heuang translators team, we gave you basic visualization in the profession so that you can choose for yourself a right direction in the future.

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