Translation profession for beginner

1. What is translation profession

Translation profession is the commenting, explaining activity the meaning of a passage/document from a language (source language) and transform it into another language to get a new passage/document. The result is called the translation. To be simple, translation is using the information of the source language and expressing it using another language without losing the author’s original meaning, style and idea.

2. The purposes translation

The purpose of translation is to re-express the idea, language with maximum correctness. Using translator’s words to change the meaning of the text or other people’s perspectives is not permitted. Therefore, the translator’s role could be considered as “speaking on behalf of other people”. Moreover, they have to convey the information honestly, not changing people’s opinion unrequitedly.

The translation’s success or failure depends on the language correctness of the result compared to the source. Correct meaning is not enough. Translation also requires smoothness in using language. There are 2 types of translation profession which are speaking and text translation as known as intepretation and translation. Translation is transforming text document from a language into another language without changing its meaning.

Interpretation also is converting a word, a sentence or a document from a language into another language. Obviously, this process is not allowed to change the meaning of the source language. There are 2 types of interpretation which are cabin interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Furthermore, interpreters also work at places that need languages exchange. Translation and interpretation are different in their form, but still the same in nature. A translator needs to be trained and practice in both oral and written translation.

Translation profession for beginner

3. Common difficulty of translation profession that novices usually face.

  • The first challenge of translation profession is that you always have to be careful of what you are translating because nobody knows everything. In the beginning, you may not be a decent translator but if you prepare the knowledge of the field that about to be translated, you should overcome it with a good result.
  • Multilanguage: every country has many folks. Each one has its own language and expression. Therefore, working in translation profession requires non-stop language practice. Even Laos language needs practicing a lot due to the fact that Laos is in the period of integration and development, many new concepts and words appear. If not, you will be fallen behind and may do incorrect translations.
  • Working pressure, high discipline: As a translator and interpreter, you must respect original text. If the translation is wrong, your customers probably won’t find out then. But that mistake can cause serious consequences. Therefore, you must always be careful. Above all, the issue of occupational conscience is always on top. In addition to the pressure from accurate translation, translators also have to create good, attractive and receptive translations. Besides, the translation profession is also under high stress of the pressure of consecutive translation, new knowledge, information …
  • Cultural issues: Each country has its own culture. It means that the language, writing and talking styles are also somewhat different. If the translator or interpreter does not have knowledge about that culture then he or she could do it wrong. Therefore, being an interpreter or translator is not only about improving the language. You also have to be knowledgeable about the culture of that country.

Above is the necessary information for those who just entered the professional translation profession. To become an international level professional translator, you need to hone a lot more, once you have overcome the initial barriers that the article mentioned, you will surely be much more confident to pursue and achieve success in your career.

Translation profession for beginner 2

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