Consultancy services for establishment of a company or business in Laos

Laos is currently on the way of beginning development, with a lot of potential and opportunities for business pioneers in Laos, that’s why the problem of establishing a company or the procedure for setting up a company in Laos is the  concerns of many individuals, organizations when intending to expand their business with a legal entity validation. This is an important turning point, marking a new business journey for each individual and organization in Laos. Therefore, when intending to establish a business in Laos, most people will choose a reputable service provider like our Hung Heuang Company. Or there are individuals and organizations who want to save money for the difficult time of starting a business so they have learned the knowledge related to business registration by themselves.


The following consultant specializing in establishing a company in Laos of Hung Heuang Company will help customers have a better understanding of the process of business establishment procedures.

What is company establishment?

Company Establishment is an administrative procedure carried out at a competent authorities agency in the host country, including the following steps: preparing company establishment documents, submitting company establishment documents,  receiving Certificate of Business Registration. , engraving seal, announcing company seal and the company officially goes into operation.

The procedure of establishing a company is being interested by many people, it is the first process when starting a business. Therefore, establishing a company is necessary for business activities to be legal, recognized and protected by law, thereby creating trust with customers and partners.

Why we need to Establish a company?

Have you ever wondered what the reason for establish a company is? Is it risky to start a business? Or with the current form of business, is it necessary to establish a company? To answer these questions, we will give some reasons to explain the question of why a company should be established?

– Establishing a company will help our business activities take place legally in accordance with the law

– The company will have legal entity immediately after being established. Therefore, it will be very easy in doing business with partners, customers and before the law

– Establishing a company will help us expand the business scale, employ many workers, mobilize capitals easily and thereby promote profits from the enterprise rather than from the small business forms

– Establishing a company will contribute to promoting the development of the economy through business activities, contributing benefits to the society from paying taxes, creating jobs for work-people.

– When establishing a company, that enterprise will be benefit from tax incentives, land use rights, etc., and the enterprise operates in the preferential business fields as prescribed by law.

Company establishment service – business establishment of Hung Heuang Company

Basically, the establishment of a company is relatively simple, anyone can carry out the procedures for setting up a company. However, in order to save time and make a company plan suitable to the needs of shareholders / capital contributors to ensure legal safety and avoid all legal risks in business activities requires a consulting company to have a lot of experience with a team of in-depth and knowledgeable consultants. Our Hung Heuang company has full human resources, speciality knowledge, expert in legal in Laos, which will help customers feel secure in all of the above.

Hung Heuang Company focuses mainly on service quality and work efficiency to bring maximum benefits to customers when trusting and using the consulting services of our Company. Below is Hung Heuang’s Business Establishment  Supporting Service Process for your reference:

– Consulting the entire process and procedures of setting up a company for customers from A-Z

– Drafting company establishment documents according to the information provided by the customer

– Submit the application at the registry office and receive the results then send to the customer

– Engraving seals, announcing seal , announcing business establishment information on the national portal

– Directly consulting and handing over the results to the customer at the address requested by the customer

– Customers do not have to travel even once during business establishment

The goal and mission of Hung Heuang Company is to support foreign businesses who invest in Laos with legal advice,  master the laws and legal procedures of Laos, to help foreign investors easily join Laos market and minimize risks.

Customers and partners have any questions or need any support related to business establishment services in Laos please contact us, completely FREE consultation.

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