Laos Visa  is a document that allows foreigners to exit and entry Laos issued by competent authorities of Laos such as the Embassy, Consulate General of Laos in foreign countries, visa agencies at the border gate. , Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1. Usage value and form of Laos visa

– Visa is valid for single entry or multiple entries and cannot change the purpose of exit and entry into Laos.

– Visa is issued separately for each person, except for the case where the passport of a parent or guardian is accompanied by a child under 14 years old.

Visas are issued in two forms: affixed to the passport or issued separately. Visas are issued separately in the following cases:

+ In case the passport is still valid but it’s running out of pages for visa stamp

+ Passport of a foreigner or territory with which Lao PDR does not have diplomatic or consular relations

+ For diplomatic or security reasons, the embassy or consulate officer or the Visa-issuing department officer at the international border gate will issue a separate visa.

2. Category and purposes of Laos Visa:

Laos has a total of 14 types of visas to permit foreigners to enter Laos. Each type of Visa will have different categories and purposes of use, details will be summarized in the following table:

No Categories Purposes
1 D-A1 Diplomatic Visa
2 S-A2 Official Visa
3 SP-B3 Spouse Visa
4 C-B1 Visit and for other purposes Visa
5 T-B3 Tourist Visa
6 NI-B3 Short Term Visa
7 I-B3 Long Term Visa
8 P-B3 Permanent Resident Visa
9 E-B2 Expert Visa
10 TR-B3 Transit Visa  
11 NI-B2 hoặc I-B2 Business Investment Visa
12 ST-B2 Student Visa
13 M-B2 Journalist Visa
14 LA-B2 Work Visa

Among the above 14 visa types, the NI-B2, LA-B2 visa is a popular visa and  are often interested by enterprises. The NI-B2 visa is a business investment visa for foreign entrepreneurs and family members to invest or collect business information in Lao PDR. LA-B2 visa is a work visa issued to foreigners and stateless people coming to work in Lao PDR with family members.

Depending on the different types of visas, the licensing and application procedures for different types of visas will be slightly different. Hereinafter, Hung Heuang would like to briefly introduce the process and procedures for granting visas NI-B2, LA-B2 for foreigners in Laos.

The steps of implementation:

Step 1: Prepare documents according to the provisions of law.

Composition of the number of documents:

1. Application form of the Company, 01 copy  (according to the form, register to download)

2. Copy of investment license, certificate of concession (01 color copy)

3. Copy of certificate of business registration + tax registration + certificate of completion of tax obligations in the latest year (01 color copy)

4. Copy of passport, 3 copies

Step 2:  Submit application:

Enterprises with the purpose of applying for a visa NI-B2, LA-B2  will apply directly at the working offices of the  Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreigners Management Department, Ministry of Security.


– Visa application form: 5,000 kip; (register to download application form)

– Multiple exit and entry visa for 3 months 37.5 USD

– Multiple exit and entry visa for 6 months 75 USD

– Multiple exit and entry visa for 12 months 150 USD

– And other fees.

Working time: From Monday to Friday every week (except New Year’s Day, Public Holiday and Saturday, Sunday).

Step 3: Return results

– The person who comes to receive the results gives the receipt to the officer who returns results to check and compare, if the results are already available then ask the person who comes to receive  to sign and receive.

–  Time: From Monday to Friday every week (except New Year’s Day, public holiday and Saturday, Sunday).

Requirements and conditions for the issuance of NI-B2, LA-B2 visa:
1. Being an investor licensed by the Government of Lao PDR in accordance with the law.

2. For shareholders (must be in the list of the company’s charter and approved by the Investment Promotion Department or the Department of Planning and Investment, Industry and Trade of the province, Vientiane Capital).

3. For Directors and Deputy Directors who have no shareholders or are not investors, they must first obtain a work permit card from the Department of Skill Development and Job Introduction.

4. For employees, technical staff (the company must submit an application for employment of foreign technical workers through the Skill Development Department, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare or through the Department of Labor of the province, Vientiane Capital)

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